The Glenside Raider

I would like to introduce you to the Glenside Raider!


Of course, THE Glenside Raider has been our mascot since I don’t know when, but I created a Glenside Raider account in Schoology for posting school-wide updates.

I didn’t think these types of updates should come from me. I’m the technology coach and I have my own updates that are technology related (more on that in a later post). I want a way to keep things separate for our students and I also want to promote school spirit and culture. We’ve been using these cool graphics that Aaron, another coach in the district had made for our Digital Citizenship Agreement and I thought it would be perfect to use one of these images along with our mascot name to represent the school.

The Glenside Raider posts updates on Schoology that mirror the announcements that run on our digital displays, but he also attaches files and more detailed information when necessary. Students know to look out for updates from the Glenside Raider and so far he’s gotten a very positive response.

Some of our grade-level teams have followed suit by asking me to create similar generic accounts for their teams so that their team updates do not come from one specific teacher. By linking these accounts to their teacher account, they can easily toggle back and forth between users when posting. They have even used some of the other mascot graphics to which we have access. It’s really gaining a lot of momentum and unity while creating a buzz of school spirit!


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