Square, Circle and Triangle

As you may or may not have read in my previous post, we went 1:1 here at the middle school a few weeks ago. Very exciting stuff. It’s been just over 30 days since our students got their Chromebooks and I’m celebrating in a couple of ways. First, a survey! I posted links where I knew students would find them and at the other end of the link is my Google Form Survey about the Chromebooks. I received some excellent data and I’m already planning my next few months from it. The second way I celebrated is by sending home an E-Newsletter via Smore.com. I focused on the last days to accept insurance and make a payment, results from the survey and how to tackle Chromebook challenges in the home, such as helping students remember to charge up every night.

However, the third and most important way that I am celebrating is by sending out a refresher E-mail to staff about the Wireless Device Guidelines we put in place this year. I also created a behavior T-chart since we are a PBIS district and put copies of both in everyone’s mailboxes. This way they can review the guidelines with students and post them in their classrooms. I am leaving it up to teachers to provide guidance and discipline on the matters of device readiness and student behavior. I just lend out school-day loaner Chromebooks if students show up with a pass from their teacher.

Two eighth-grade teachers decided to not only review the guidelines, but two days ago, they completed an activity on the topic as well. I was thrilled when one of them brought all of the activity handouts to me that afternoon to read through. What amazing feedback! It was very thrilling for me to get an opportunity to read what our students are thinking about the Chromebooks and the guidelines. The activity was Square, Circle and Triangle or Triangle-Square-Circle as it is outlined on the Teacher Toolkit website.


I was so excited that I answered every one of the questions that were “going around” in the students’ minds. I kept a document open while I messaged each student in Schoology and I recorded my responses there so that if a similar question came up again I could easily copy and paste. I individualized every message though. Some of the answers I gave were as follows:

You asked why we can’t have iPads instead of Chromebooks. Great question! We wanted to be able to pay for the devices and provide them to our students instead of asking our families to pay. iPads are way more expensive, breakable, and you have to pay more for every app you install on them. At the high school you get iPads, but you have to pay for them yourself. Chromebooks are FREE for you and your family. I hope this information helps you.

Mrs. Scola


You asked why so many things are blocked. Great question. The reason things are blocked is because by accessing them you put you, your computer, or our bandwidth at risk. We need to be able to provide school resources to over 700 people, potentially all at one time. If everyone was streaming music, it would shut down our network. Sometimes we want to access fun apps and games but doing so is causing student Chromebooks to crash. We need to be more careful about what we access on the Chromebooks so things are blocked until they are proven useful in many cases. If there is EVER something that you need for school, you can ask for it and we will do our best to come up with a solution for you. I hope this information is helpful to you.

Mrs. Scola


You asked how you can be expelled because of the chromebook. You want an example.

An example would be cyberbullying and harassing someone, repeatedly accessing inappropriate content on the Chromebook by doing something to circumvent, or get around the filter. Also,  doing something illegal with it like selling narcotics or underage gambling. Those are just examples. I hope this information is helpful to you.

Mrs. Scola


The next morning I got an email from one of the teachers who gave me these handouts.

Kids are buzzing…

About how you messaged them yesterday and answered their questions! They were excited that you actually answered them. Thanks fo rmaking it meaningul for them so they don’t feel like they did something for no reason 🙂

That’s me! Making it meaningful since 2004…

It is my honor to be working with these kids. They deserve it.


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