The Tech Squad

For the first time in six years, I have a class!

It’s a real class too. Complete with pre and post assessments, assignments, a grade book and I actually take attendance and lunch count. What? Lunch count! It all came about when the school initiated an intervention block Tuesday through Friday during First period. If we’re not teaching interventions we get to teach enrichment courses. I am lucky enough to get to teach a new group of fantastic eighth-grade students each quarter. Of course, I call it the Tech Squad and here is my course description:

In this course, students experience technology in a variety of forms. After a self-study of their individual technology use, students develop the skills to coach others in their own area of interest (hardware, software, code, design, productivity, or communication.). Students also participate in identifying educational technology tools and practice procedural writing by creating tutorials that include visual elements such as screenshots and screencasts. Throughout the course, we also cover topics such as digital citizenship, technology trends, and social media.

It took a little bit getting used to the grade book/attendance part but I love the conversations we are having in this class and the experimentation with technology that is happening. When students ask how to do something, we figure it out. img_1836So far we have identified a variety of educational technology tools and their uses, learned all about Awesome Screenshot, created screencasts on Chromebooks using Screencastify, and designed badges using Canva. We are working on becoming Schoology, Google and Chromebook experts and I’m so proud of their budding technology coaching abilities as they teach each other skills and share their knowledge with their classmates and the school.img_1839



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