Google Classroom Opens the Door to All Learners

Google Classroom Opens the Door

Amazing news! Google Classroom is now open to all learners.

Does anyone else remember when we had to request an invite, even if we were members of a GAFE school? Oh, the anticipation!

Yesterday, Google announced that Google Classroom is now open for users with a personal Google account. This means that users can interact with current Google Classroom courses without having to have a school G Suite (new name for GAFE) account. Soon, Classroom will even allow personal Gmail users to create their own classes. This is where the game changes.

Home schools and virtual schools can now enjoy the benefits of Google Classroom. Bloggers, content creators, anyone with anything to teach and anyone who wants to learn will be able to connect and manage learning experiences within the digital walls of Google Classroom.

I can’t wait to see what the Internet does with this.